Sunday, March 22, 2009

I also walk around the firm singing the "Name Game" song about Wilmington: Wilmington Bington Bo-mington, Banana fana fo-ilmington.

My dad is thinking about relocating -- he's been thinking about it for a long time but now that he's getting to the point where he can retire, he's talking about it more and more. Who wants to retire in Wisconsin? There's snow on the ground 14 months out of the year, and even in the summer you can feel the chill of winter just lurking around the corner. That, and our baseball team has Prince Fielder on it.

I've been pointing him in the direction of North Carolina. I have a client that lives in North Carolina, and she's said the weather is great and that it's a very friendly, nice place to live. I even went so far as to find a city for him: Wilmington, North Carolina.

Wilmington is in the southeast part of North Carolina (did you follow all that?) and it's got long summers, short winters, and is right on the coast-- a coast with water temperatures in the 70s for up to 7 monhths a year. There's a historic downtown located on the Cape Fear river. And wilmington nc real estate is both easy to find and a great value.

There are those who may feel that I'm primarily interested in getting Dad to move there so that I can go visit him for lengthy stretches in the winter, and to those people I say: "If that was the case, would I be also looking into wilmington nc commercial real estate, if my only goal was to get Dad to move there? And would I be dropping hints at Firm meetings about the great commercial prospects in Wilmington, North Carolina? And would I have that tie specially made up, the one with the printing on it that says Hey, why not open a branch office in North Carolina and send your young, amazingly handsome lawyer there to staff it?

I think not. So you can see, I'm motivated by simple altruistic motives.

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