Friday, March 27, 2009

Mr F, meanwhile, mostly minded his own business.

Last night, we made an emergency trip to the store to get The Boy sweatshirts; he announced that none of his sweatshirts fit him anymore and he needed new ones and Sweetie confirmed that to be the case.

So while Sweetie and Mr F got some suitable sweatshirts (they alone know the 475 different factors that go into whether a sweatshirt is acceptable, ranging from size and particular shade of gray to the number of tings on the zippers) Mr Bunches and I roamed to the furniture department so I could check on the latest sales on big-boy beds, since both the Misters will need one soon.

Once in furniture, though, I couldn't shop because Mr Bunches decided that the best way to locate the furniture we want is to climb onto it and jump on it -- whether that be the futons they're selling, the beds Daddy is trying to look at, or, in one near-miss, the glass-topped desk.

That's another of the many reasons why I much prefer shopping for furniture on the Internet; I can go online and get some wooden beds via pointing and clicking, and Mr Bunches can't jump on them.

True, he jumps on the COMPUTER, but that I can live with that, especially because the beds (like my latest favorites, the one shown here) are so much less expensive, too. This Time4Sleep place has it all-- great beds, free delivery, and a jump-free virtual showroom.

Plus, look at that bed. Our local stores had nothing like that. Get each of the Misters a couple of those and their room will be excellent-- built in desks in case they decide (unlike the older kids) that they'd like to ever actually do homework, plus a classic, clean, friendly look that'll age well, so they could sleep in it clear up until their teen years and still be happy. (In the teen years, I know, everything's off-- nothing's cool, then, even things that are actually cool. That's the mystery of teenagedom.)

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