Monday, March 23, 2009

Says You! (And Thank God You Did!)

UPDATE: It's Steve. See the comments for explanation.

So I was a little wrong the other day: Someone had told me what the Mystery Song is, and I just didn't realize it. That someone is "Lost in Provence" Lisa, who began her blogging career, it seems, when she was overwhelmed by the need to discuss naked newscasters.

Lisa didn't name the song; that honor goes to her friend "Scott," who ID'd the mystery song as "Hawaiian War Chant," and gave a link to this:

Just for good measure, here's some more Muppets to start your week: "Huga Wuga:"

You know, I've said it before but I'll say it again. The Muppets are sometimes kinda creepy.

Here's the original "Hawaiian War Chant" by Tommy Dorsey, paired, for no good reason, with pictures of Hugh Laurie. But, then, I told everyone to put good sound-quality videos on the Internet, and you did it, so if I've got to live with Hugh Laurie acting out my songs to get that good quality sound, then, by Gum, I'll do it:

And the original:

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lisapepin said...

Did I say "Scott?" I meant "Steve." Sorry, Steve! Steve is the music question go-to guy for everyone who knows him.

Briane P said...

No, no, you did say "Steve," which I for some reason remembered as "Steve" right up until I typed "Scott."

Briane P said...

Also, I had to go CHECK the comments to see if you said "Steve" or "Scott" and then come back to this post, only I couldn't remember which you ACTUALLY said, so I then had to go back and check, with the result being that there were two windows open on my computer as I typed this.

So, to Steve: You are very helpful, but it would be more helpful, still, if you would be called "Scott."

I believe that the Silver Rule requires you to now change your name.