Thursday, March 26, 2009

Question of The Day, 53:

Do you think that God has a sense of humor?

Is he, do you think, like the cool guy in school, the really cool guy? Not the guy everyone thought was cool but who was really a jerk to everyone and ended up living in an apartment over the dry cleaner's where he worked as an assistant manager, but the guy that really was cool, the guy who not only wore cool clothes and drove a cool car and listened to cool music but who also was genuinely nice to the geeky people in school, and who also could laugh at himself in a self-deprecating sort of way, whereas the guy who everyone thought was cool but who really wasn't, would, when you joked about him, push you down the stairs?

This may need further thought...

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lisapepin said...

That's hysterical! It reminds me of my very favorite church marquee from The Simpsons: "No shoes, no shirt, no salvation."