Friday, October 16, 2009

Also, don't have your cats be part of the wedding party.

Okay, people, time for me to lay down the law here. I, like you and everybody else in the entire world, have now seen that one wedding video where everyone dances down the aisle. We've all seen it, even if some of us only saw it because some of us have wives who looked it up after some of us saw the parody of it on The Office.

Either way, it's over. It's done. Don't do it. Don't dance down your aisle, and don't, for that matter, get married on a boat like Jim and Pam did. In fact, don't get married like anyone else ever got married. Just because an idea was cute, or fancy, or dramatic, for someone else's wedding is no reason to take it for your own.

Your wedding is your wedding, and should reflect you and your life. Take my and Sweetie's wedding. It fit us perfectly: We got married in the church we attend, and then had our wedding reception at a park across the street from our apartment, a beautiful little park with a pond and trees and a little shelter, and we served not a sit-down dinner but a variety of hors d'ouevres, and encouraged our guests to dress informally for the reception.

That's us. Your wedding should be you. From the moment it starts until the moment it ends, make sure that every aspect of your wedding is about the way you want it to be, not copied from someone else.

Start with the invitations. Don't just get generic, cookie-cutter invites from the card shop near you. Instead, begin with personalizing your invites using the cheap wedding invitations available through

123Print lets you customize and personalize a variety of wedding invitations and do so affordably and quickly. Whether you want the cute and stylish "Sweet Embrace" print drawing of a bride and groom hugging, or the dramatic, shadow-print of "Night Out," the invite will show your personality, and will be personalized, too, without any extra effort.

Taking the time to think through what you want your wedding to be will make your big day far more memorable than any number of cousins spinning around in the aisle at the church. Do your wedding right: do it your way.

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