Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Some things are corn dogs (3 Good Things From 10/5/09)

Yesterday started off crummy but finished up great, but even if it hadn't I'd still be able to find 3 Good Things from the day to brighten up my outlook today.

1. Brett Favre played great last night. I don't usually get too up or down about football games -- it's just a game, for God's sake -- but I like to see Brett Favre do great because he's one of my sports heroes.

2. I was able to stay awake and watch the entire game, which was made even harder because we watched it on tape delay, so I didn't finish up the game until about 10:30. True, I did start dozing off in the 3rd quarter, but when The Boy said "If you're going to sleep, give me the remote," I pulled it together and soldiered on through.

3. Corn dogs for lunch. Not everything's football, you know. Some things are "driving back from court on a sunny October day listening to the radio, eating a corn dog and enjoying life."

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