Friday, October 09, 2009

Want to know WHAT KIND of dancing she learned? (3 Good Things From 10/8/09)

Last night was the final dance class for Sweetie, so my Thursday nights in the future will no longer feature taking the Babies! grocery shopping while she's at class. To celebrate/mourn that, I'm presenting 3 Good Things about driving Sweetie to dance class last night:

1. Sweetie and I had a very good discussion of why people might sign up for the class, and then come to only 1 or 2 of the six classes, and not come anymore. We couldn't figure out the answer, but I enjoyed the chat.

2. Sweetie listened to my stories of crazy things the Babies! did at the grocery store and laughed at them, even when they're gross, like Mr F licking the metal edge of the cash register display. And not just licking it, either, but running his tongue down about 3 feet of it.

3. Sweetie promised to show me the dances she learned. And I'm holding her to it.

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