Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I didn't actually hit anyone [I think; there were some big bumps] (3 Good Things From 12/14/09)

On 5 of the last 7 days, winter has hampered my ability to drive into work. The latest is this morning, when the ice would not come off my windshield, forcing me to drive to work looking through a narrow band of windshield cleared off using an empty soda can. If you were on the road with me, I'm sorry. Maybe you need your own 3 Good Things to cheer you up as you wait for a tow truck.

1. We got through Chapter 3 of "
A Series Of Unfortunate Events." My new thing this month -- a variation on this -- is to read each night to Mr F and Mr Bunches from Book 1 of the "Lemony Snicket" books, with varying degrees of success. Sometimes they like it, sometimes they don't. Last night was a "we like it" night, and we got through about 10 pages. (And, in response to the question I'd ask: I kind of do the voices. But I keep forgetting what voice I use for Count Olaf.)

2. I got on the radio (but didn't win a sub sandwich.) On the way home from work, the call-in question on the radio was Are the Green Bay Packers serious Superbowl contenders. I got on the radio with "No, because their offense isn't good enough and their defense doesn't play a complete game," but they picked someone else for the free sub sandwich. Still... it's my start as an on-air sports commentator!

3. I finally got my laundry put away (and found my burgundy shirt while I was at it.) Each day for a week I've been meaning to put away the clean laundry Sweetie puts neatly in front of my dresser. Yesterday, the pile had grown to cover 2/3 of the dresser itself, forcing me to put it away -- but at the bottom was the burgundy dress shirt that's my favorite shirt, so, score!

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