Friday, December 18, 2009

The Barber of Seville is a song I know thanks to Bugs Bunny Cartoons. (3 Good Things From 12/17/09)

I was at work at 7:20 yesterday, and 6:50 today... but now I'm "working" from "home..." and missing phone calls from people because my phone plays The Barber of Seville for calls and it takes me a while to realize that it's my phone ringing instead of a hallucination.

Here's my 3 Good Things from Thursday.

1. I can get past the Q. The Babies! like a new game, the alphabet game from Kneebouncers. It's not much of a game: Just press any key and the 'puter will go through the letters, one each time you press them. The Babies! know how to do that, learning their alphabet and cycling through octopi and ice creams and the like. But they won't do the Q. Q on that game is a Queen, who comes out and marches around and gets cheered by digital throngs of royalists, and the Babies! won't sit for it or even press the button to get past it. Instead, they come and get me or Sweetie to do that for them, and last night Mr Bunches made it my job to get past the Q. Which I did for him, all the while being glad that he was so pro-democracy/anti-royalty... but worrying that his alphabet would be 3% smaller than everyone else's.

2. Mr F likes his tunnel. Lisa at my office gave the Babies! a Christmas present: a nylon tent-and-tunnel. Mr F enjoyed the tunnel immensely, so much so that for a while he wore it and walked around our living room, a multicolored, tiny-legged cylinder. Then he took it to bed with him, where he didn't sleep in it, he slept next to it.

Mr F is not shown with the tunnel, because I took one picture of him in it, but it turned out blurry, and then he insisted on holding my phone for the remainder of the time he played in the tunnel, either because he wanted me to stop taking picture of him, or because he likes the little song the phone plays when you spin the keyboard into place.

3. I was able to fix whatever it was I'd done to my phone. My new phone has many mysterious features on it, one of which is that little song it plays when the keyboard is activated and another of which, as I found yesterday, was that I am completely able to turn off the sound on the phone. All the sound. Keypad beeps, ringtones... and the ability to hear what callers are saying.

I don't know why that feature is on there; what good is a phone that doesn't been when you dial, doesn't ring when someone calls, and that doesn't let you hear the person you're trying to talk to when you realize that they've called you?

I also don't know how that feature gets activated; I only know that it can be activated randomly or by accident, as it was yesterday, and I also know (now) that it can be de-activated by turning my phone on and off.

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