Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mr F mostly behaved because I let him play with my cell phone... but whatever works, right? (3 Good Things Times Two)

I didn't get to post the 3 Good Things yesterday because I spent most of the day busy with a variety of things and then at night, Mr Bunches had the flu and Sweetie got a kidney stone, leaving me and Mr F to try to cope with things on our own while The Boy was at work... but I liked the 3 Good Things I had planned, so I'm posting them anyway -- 3 Good Things From Tuesday along with 3 Good Things From Wednesday.

Also, Sweetie's doing pretty good except, she reports, Mr F and
Mr Bunches are both feeling better now and keep jumping on her.

The 3 Good Things From Tuesday, 12/15/09:

Tuesday, after running out to get the last of The Boy's presents, we went driving around a little to look at Christmas decorations in the neighborhoods around us. Here are:

1. The best Christmas lights I saw:

2. The best Christmas lights Sweetie saw:

3. My favorite view of the night:

And, then there's the 3 Good Things from 12/16/09:

1. I was on the news! This story quotes me, but the television story (which aired yesterday at 5:00 on our local channel 27) did more than that; it featured me on air for almost 30 seconds, and referred to me as an "expert." Which I am... and a tired-looking one; one of our paralegals asked if I saw myself on the news and I said "Yeah, and I thought I looked tired." She said "I thought you did, too."

And that was before the night of barfing and kidney stones.

2. Mr F behaved like a perfect gentleman at the ER. We had to take Sweetie to deal with the kidney stone, and both Babies! behaved great while we were there -- but that's to be expected from Mr Bunches, who spent the day with an upset stomach. Mr F, who was already on the rebound, behaved, too, so there's hope for us yet that someday we will be able to go into society with the Babies!

3. I got to start on the Penguin Fudge, and it turns out it's Penguin Cake. I finally opened the Penguin Fudge that Uncle Dick sent us and found out it's not fudge, but delicious delicious cake, with layers of almost-candy-like frosting in between and on top of and below the cake. Candy-coated Penguin Cake is pretty much the only thing better than Penguin Fudge.

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Hewl said...

I'm with Sweetie on this one. "Her house" is much classier.
I hope she and the kids get well soon!