Monday, December 14, 2009

Nothing says "Holiday Cheer!" like a gutted carp. (3 Good Things from 12/11-12/13)

The snow has been covered with freezing rain. Who dreams of a shiny, slippery Christmas? Not me. Here's my 3 Good Things from the past weekend. Hopefully they'll keep me out of a ditch on my way into work...

1. Mr Bunches' yard work: Mr Bunches and I went out into the snow to play on Saturday. (Mr F came initially but went back inside out of fear of the neighbors' dog.) While walking around, I stopped to brush some snow off a pine tree branch that was weighed down too heavily. Mr Bunches watched me do that, then spent most of the rest of our time outside going around and brushing snow off of every branch in our yard. Except for one bush near the edge, which he motioned me over to and made me brush the snow off of.

2. I got our giant inflatable decorations up! Christmas came a little early to our neck of the woods, as I put up the lighted snowman, the giant inflatable Rudolph, the sled-full-of-reindeer, and Pete The Patriotic Parrot a couple of days early. Then, of course, they got weighed down by the sleet and freezing rain and spent most of Sunday looking Dali-esque. But still Christmas-y!

3. I got a digital photo frame as the Random Gift at my office Christmas party. Sweetie and I attended this year's party, and made it through with no real troubles, excepting the various people who grabbed at Sweetie or subjected her to drunken conversations. (I was mostly left alone to eat meatballs and cheese slices.)

Each year at the party, the office manager gets gifts for all the employees; this year, it appears she bought them at an unusual garage sale: One person got Green Bay Packer mudflaps. One got a coffee collection. One got a crock pot. I initially ended up with a "Bucky Book" of half-off entertainment coupons ... whee!... but then my boss traded me for his gift, which was a digital photo frame.

Plus, there was a hollowed out fish there, as I'd told The Boy there would be. When he asked why we were eating dinner before my Christmas party, I explained that the food at the party traditionally revolved around a hollowed-out fish with crackers, and that meant that mostly there was nothing good to eat there. This year, that was mostly true except there were meatballs, too.

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