Friday, December 18, 2009

Is is just me, or were the people in "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" only about 1 minute away from a home invasion?

One week left 'til Christmas, so all those chores you've been putting off need to get done now: Put up the inflatable Tigger-wearing-a-santa-hat! Get the Figgy Pudding properly figged! And go buy everyone on your list one of the Bulova chronograph watches from Blue Dial.

Those are all serious commands, especially that last one. If you've still got people on your shopping list, people who need a great present, there's very little you could give them that's better than a great watch. Watches are classy gifts: They're like jewelry, but useful: people can wear them all the time, and when they do, they'll think of you, the gift-giver, whenever they look to find out what time it is.

The one shown here is an excellent example of what you could get for that special someone. Polished gold over a steel case, a chronograph, and it looks like a million bucks (but costs way less than that, and is on sale for half-off at Blue Dial right now.)

And if you're getting a watch, make sure you order it from Blue Dial. Blue Dial offers pretty much every watch they've got for half off, if not more. I've checked and I can't find any watches that AREN'T on sale.

Also good: Right now, Blue Dial is guaranteeing delivery by Christmas on almost every watch they've got. So you can go online, order a great watch for someone, then relax knowing that it'll be there before the big day... giving you more time to figure out what figgy pudding is.

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