Thursday, April 29, 2010

Diamonds are forever... if you get them in time.

Mother's Day is...

... um...

... it's soon. Let's just say it's soon. I can't say exactly when it is because I rely on Sweetie to tell me when things are, and I can't ask Sweetie to tell me when it is because then she'll know that I haven't helped the Babies! get her a present for Mother's Day yet.

So it's soon, and that means you, like me, better get on the ball and get a present -- for your own mom, or for your wife if your kids are too little to get her a present. And helping the kids draw a cutesy picture doesn't cut it, pal. That may have worked in 1830, when the only other option for giving a gift was leeches, but now now, not when Diamond Nexus Labs exists.

Diamond Nexus Labs has great jewelry, and women love great jewelry. And Moms are women. Are you with me so far?

This year I'm thinking earrings: Simple, elegant, not that expensive, but jewelry nonetheless, and the perfect item of jewelry to give to a Mom, because earrings are not all fraught with symbolism like other pieces of jewelry: rings are romantic, necklaces are for rich guys to give to their mistresses, and tongue piercings are eccch.

So it's earrings, like the ones shown here -- and I don't have to worry about ordering them online, either, because Diamond Nexus Labs has a "triple guarantee:" You can keep the jewelry for up to 30 days and return it for a full refund -- plus they guarantee performance and replacement for the life of the piece of jewelry.

So whenever Mother's Day is, I'm ready. Unless it's already come and gone. In which case, these earrings are make-up gifts.

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