Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This parable is also why I never delete ANYTHING off my iPod. (3 Good Things From 4/27/10)

1. Smush castles: I've been taking Mr F and Mr Bunches to a park near our house; it's about 2 blocks away and we didn't go there in the past because (a) it's not much of a park: it's only a slide, a sandbox, some swings, and a teeter-totter, and (b) it's right on a busy street near our house, which is not good because in the past Mr F and Mr Bunches tended to decide, on a whim, to run off in random directions, and (c) the park is right next to someone's yard, with no clear line of demarcation as to where the park ends and where the yard begins, which makes it sort of weird: it's like going to play in someone's yard.

But Mr F and Mr Bunches are less impulsive now, and they discovered the park on one of our walks, so we've gone there twice now, with last night being the second time. I showed them how to make sand castles (using some of the toys in the sandbox, toys probably left there by the people who's yard we were sort of playing in), but the only real interest they had in the castles was to smush them, which they'd race to do: I'd build a quick castle using a pail and they'd scramble over each other to stomp on it. At one point, Mr F got so determined to smush the castle first that he grabbed the bucket from my hand, dumped it, and smushed that.

2. X number of waffles is not a lot: Sweetie complained that she felt she'd eaten too much yesterday, basing that almost entirely on the number of waffles she ate. To protect her privacy, I won't reveal the exact number of frozen waffles Sweetie ate, and I will say it's not that many, objectively speaking -- but unobjectively speaking, I can say this with certainty: You can never eat too many waffles.

3. My tulips are finally up. I planted tulips in our yard years ago and all around the neighborhood, everyone else's tulips have bloomed, while mine were just sitting there doing nothing. They finally, the other day, grew some flowers on the end and look like tulips instead of green stems; and though they haven't bloomed yet, I'm at least relieved that they're getting around to doing their jobs.

124 down, 10,826 to go: Today's song is the song that made me graduate from an iPod mini to a full-fledged iPod. When I first bought an iPod, I got a mini -- a reward to myself for quitting smoking, back then. The first one I had held more or less 1,000 songs, which seemed like a lot to me until about 6 months later when I'd accumulated 1500 songs, and the computer had to randomly select for me which songs to put on the iPod. I always fretted that at some point I would want to hear a song and not have it on there, and one day, that happened: I wanted to hear the song Rock Lobster while I was running, but it was nowhere to be found on my iPod, practically wrecking my jog that day (and serving as an excuse to quit early.)

In just a few months I'd gone from being stuck listening to whatever was handy to "needing access to every song I've ever heard, right now," and Rock Lobster by the B-52s was the tipping point:

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