Monday, April 26, 2010

Then again, with the steam cleaner, I could go back to drinking fruit punch in the living room...

This will be my 10th anniversary coming up in a few weeks, and I've been thinking that I should get Sweetie something REALLY special for it. I've narrowed the choice of presents down to:

1. A steam cleaner for the carpet, or
2. Jewelry.

As fun as #1 seems, because of the freedom it promises me to never have to worry about spilling again, I'll probably go with #2, as it's SLIGHTLY more romantic, and as I also found the website.'s site features brilliant, beautiful engagement rings and wedding bands, and the ones I've seen on their site are better than the jewelry I've seen anywhere else. Like the one shown here, an "Eternity" Wedding band, with diamonds all the way around it, symbolizing how love goes on and on and never ends. is the only place I've ever seen a ring like that, and, even better, they've got handmade wedding bands, too, with prices that start as low as a couple hundred dollars.

So I COULD go with the steam cleaner, but those rings are really jumping out at me. I keep thinking how I could surprise her with a new ring, sparkling with a zillion diamonds (or so it looks like) and how much she'd like that. I wish I'd known about back when we got married, in fact; while the ring I got Sweetie is a nice one, it isn't as great as some of the rings on their site, and it was more expensive than most of the rings I could have ordered through

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