Monday, April 26, 2010

It takes more than a worldwide conspiracy to keep ME down. (3 Good Things From The Past Weekend + Monday)

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1. The Boy's rugby team won again! We went to see The Boy play rugby again yesterday, and I understood a little more this time -- although I still don't understand the part where they lift a guy up and hold him in the air. That's The Boy shown there at right, number 1, throwing the ball in after it went out of bounds.

We stood this time on the visiting team's sideline: for some reason, the home team at this rugby field has the worst seats: sit where the home fans sit and you stare directly into the setting sun for the entire game, and you have to stand on a hill. Sit where the visiting team sits, and the sun's at your back, plus there are benches and there's a small playground for the little kids. I'm not sure the first home fans to show up got it exactly right.

A special note: After posting my thoughts on Sunday about how sports teams at high schools get it so wrong, I was pleased to overhear the visiting team's coach yesterday at the game. This guy was amazingly positive: When the ball went out of bounds, he said "That's all right." He kept pointing out the things his team was doing right. And I heard his halftime speech, which was this: "Go out there and play. The sun is shining. Let's have fun."

2. The movie The Lovely Bones. Sweetie and I watched it Saturday night, and it was better than I expected. What surprised me the most is that I remembered almost nothing about the book, which I distinctly recall reading. Aside from remembering that I read it, though, I wasn't sure what was in it, after all -- forcing me to keep asking Sweetie "Was that in the book?"

(Yep: I'm exactly as much fun to watch a movie with as you'd imagine.)

3. I ran 5 miles again! After a couple of disappointing outdoor runs, when I could barely make it 2 miles on the nature trail (although, to be fair, when I run outdoors I load Mr F and Mr Bunches into their old stroller and push them ahead of me for as long as I can), I went jogging at the track on Friday night and made it through a five mile run in only 46 minutes

123 down, 10.827 to go: Almost exactly 2 years ago, I let the world know about my belief that there was a conspiracy to pretend that the song "99 Red Balloons" had never been released in English. This past Saturday, I downloaded the English -- the real -- version of 99 Red Balloons, by Nena, thereby proving that I was not nuts, and that no amount of vast conspiracies can keep a guy like me from getting at the truth, (and by "truth" I mean an 80s-techno-song that mentions Captain Kirk.)

Take that, Trilateral Commission!

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