Sunday, May 02, 2010

I never actually had any days as a new-age hippie. But I like the music. (3 Good Things From The Weekend)

My life is so busy most of the time and, as Sweetie remarked, there's not many times that are just quiet and peaceful. So I picked out 3 Good Things that were also quiet times from the past weekend...

1. Friday Night After Groceries: We were low enough on groceries that I decided to take the Babies! Friday night for the weekly shopping instead of waiting until Sunday. We got home about 8:45, and I put Mr F and Mr Bunches to bed right away. Sweetie was tired, so I told her she could go to bed, too. Then I put away the groceries myself, listening to music, and afterwards, with the house quiet and more-or-less to myself, I sat downstairs and read quietly for about 45 minutes.

2. Saturday Afternoon Before The Babies! Got Up From Their Nap: Most of Saturday afternoon was kind of noisy -- the Babies! were up and romping around in their room and had to be settled down, Middle was around and pestering before she went to work, and I had music on while I did some writing and reading. But about 4 p.m., before I got the Mr F and Mr Bunches up from their nap, I took a few minutes to on the couch, music off, Sweetie reading off to the side, and just sat.

3. Swinging, Sunday Night:
After dinner, yesterday, I took the Babies! to the park to wind them down; they had the devil in them all day yesterday. After playing on the tornado slide, and then building sand castles to smush, and then trying to go play in people's yards, we settled in to swing for a while. I got Mr Bunches started -- he likes to swing on his own -- and then settled Mr F in on my lap. We just swung there, watching the cars go by, nobody talking, for about 10 minutes.

126 Down, 10,824 to Go: In that peaceful mode, and hearkening back to my days as a new-age hippie, here's a song that's comtemplative and moody: Celestial Soda Pop, by Ray Lynch:

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