Thursday, June 17, 2010

3 Good Things Come Back Around. (3 Good Things From 6/16/10)

It's my last workday this week: I'm taking tomorrow off... from work. Not from 'puting. And not from hanging out with The Babies! and Sweetie. I'll just be hanging out and blogging and watching TV... from home. And also maybe going to a water park.

With all that, I don't need 3 Good Things to put me in a good mood today, so I'm giving you 3 Good Things That I Forgot About Until Just Today And Now I Like Them Again:

1. O'Grady: When I first got my iPod with video capabilities, I went in search of videos to watch. Being me, I wanted free videos, and those were few and far between, so I'd download any sample or free video or TV show. That was, in fact, how I got into Lost...

... about which, I will remind you that I am only up to Season 4, and I DO NOT WANT SPOILERS about the ending. I have as of today so far avoided hearing anything about the ending -- a feat that required assistance from Sweetie, who has to go through my Entertainment Weeklys before I read them and tear out any Lost stuff, and a feat that, if I accomplish it, watching Lost on DVD without having the ending spoiled, will be the single greatest human accomplishment ever, so don't wreck it for me because I want my life to mean something...

... and how I got into O'Grady, a strange-but-hilarious cartoon about high schoolers who live in a town afflicted by "the weirdness" which makes things happen like, say, clones appearing or people floating off into midair or... I don't know, lots of weird stuff. It was strangely drawn and strangely seductive: at first, I was all "What the heck is this" and then I was lured in by lines like "What does a kid have to do to get a clone around here?"

I can't embed videos here, but you can watch entire shows at Nickelodeon's website. The one where Harold got a fly to help him spy on people so he could be popular was a classic.

2. Sand Game: There was a time when Sand Game was my office-time-waster-of-choice. Then, because it was too addictive, I hid the website in my bookmarks under the "interesting" heading, which is mislabeled because only I would find it interesting. (Other sites bookmarked under that tab include "Poetry 180" and a list of inventors and inventions.

But I re-found Sand Game and I'll probably spend the entire day monkeying around with it.

3. 3D Doritos: Back when I first began practicing law and had my own office across the street from a grocery store with a deli, on Fridays I'd treat myself by going to buy a deli sandwich and a small bag of 3D Ranch Doritos. There was something about eating in the mysterious, "third" dimension that I liked; it made things seem more important, more real, you know?

Sorry. Got carried away. But they were good, and then, like all good things I like, they were cruelly taken away from me, probably by the Obama Administration, which everyone knows has time machines.

There's a petition to bring them back, though. It makes a compelling argument, reading, in its entirety:

To: Frito-Lay North America

Dear friend, do you remember those good old Doritos 3D? These chips were really good, their shape was cool and the flavors were awesome. Please sign this petition to ask Doritos to make some Doritos 3D back.

I'm signer 5,196!

142 Down, 10,862 to go: I like the piano in the beginning, and I like the way the lyrics make me feel wistful even though I never really listen closely to them so I'm not sure what they're saying, and also the lyrics seem to say that the guy wants to see all his friends tonight, but I'm kind of a hermit these days and very tired, so I'd rather all my friends went and entertained themselves and let me read. But I still like the song All My Friends by LCD Soundsystem.

and I was signer 5,196 today.

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