Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Flag Day intro really has nothing to do with anything. (3 Good Things From 6/14/10)

It was Flag Day yesterday... but I didn't get the day off or anything. And they were taking down the flags by the time I headed home from work. But still, good things happened and here are 3 of them:

1. I'm the Michaelangelo of Play-Doh: Learning Time last night with Mr F and Mr Bunches was mostly Play Doh time -- making shapes and animals out of Play Doh. Mr F mostly wanted to smush the Play Doh and throw it at Mr Bunches, but Mr Bunches liked making the shapes ... making a rectangle out of Play Doh is hard ... and he liked when I made him an airplane, rocket ship, and helicopter, all out of Play Doh.

On the downside, while Play-Doh might not stain carpet, there are no guarantees that it will not get smushed irrevocably into the carpet.

2. There were M&Ms left over from the graduation party. Which I had for dinner. I'm only mentioning this because there was also pizza leftover from the graduation party, and that was going to be my Good Thing, but I remembered that I've permanently retired Leftover Pizza from the Good Things. So I'm focusing on the M&Ms, which were part of the spread we set out for the guests, and which were regular, peanut, and peanut butter, all mixed together. I wonder why M&M doesn't sell them that way: M&M Mixed!

See? I've just improved the world again -- that suggestion is almost as brilliant as my idea for selling powdered cereal to sprinkle on top of other cereal.

3. Eventually Mr F fell asleep (or just got quiet enough that I could.) Despite being horribly tired, Mr F fought sleep for hours -- insisting that I come in their room and change the movie (twice) and once getting snacks, and once getting a ball to play with in his room, until I finally hinted to Sweetie that she should take a turn getting him to sleep, and I promptly fell asleep at 11:00, instead of 9, which was when I'd planned to be asleep because I was seriously tired.

I'd have been mad at him, except that when he wants you to get him something at night, he takes your hand and pulls you down to him and hugs your head as a prelude to his request, and that melts through my defenses.

140 Down, 10,864 to go: I saw the video, then downloaded the song, and enjoyed the song mostly because of the video I'd just seen. But then I saw the other video that the first video was supposedly an homage to, and got mad at the first video, so now I have complicated emotions to this song.

That's kind of confusing. Here's what happened:

I saw this video:

And liked the video enough that I got the song, which reminded me of the video and made me sentimental in a "Cat's In The Cradle" kind of way. Then I heard that that video, the PEN story, was an "homage" to this video:

Which I watched and thought was great -- and then I got mad that the first video said it was "quoting" the Wolf Loves Pork video, so now I don't know if I like or hate the song, but I do like that Wolf & Pork video.

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