Sunday, July 04, 2010

The Found Alphabet: H

The Found Alphabet shows letters in the alphabet popping up in my life.

Those Hs appear on the labels of some of Mr Bunches' favorite things: crayons, and Mini S'Mores. They were prominent yesterday, when we had errands to run during our Saturday Adventures.

Mr Bunches loves crayons and markers, and when he sees them, he likes to buy them. Generally, he goes for the large crayons and large markers -- but he's a snob and won't get generics. He also likes the washable crayons, which is good because he's not totally bound to coloring on paper as opposed to, say, coloring on the TV or coloring on the kitchen table. (Which, let's face it, is at this point really not worth protecting.)

I always buy him the crayons, or almost always: yesterday, when we had a bunch of stores to go to, he got crayons at the first store, and crayons at the second store, but when he saw a different display of crayons at the second store, he wanted more crayons, but I thought that was ridiculous, so I cut him off and told him he was done with crayons. Then we went to the third store, and he saw crayons, and I gave in and bought them for him. So we have 30 brand-new crayons from yesterday, if you need any.

The S'mores are a different story. They're Mr Bunches' snack of choice nowadays. He's given up on cookies, cheese puffs, and the other things that we try to use to keep him on a sugar high. But he won't eat all the S'more: Instead, he pulls apart the little sandwich and eats only the frosting-y half, leaving a trail or pile of other halves wherever it is he's eating them. (Usually on his bed.)

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