Friday, July 09, 2010

It's true. I'm generally a happy guy.

Oldest is again job-searching; she's perpetually on the lookout for a better job these days, and when she gets the urge to move on to a new career, she comes over here and has me and Sweetie help her prepare a new resume.

We try to tell her we're not really the people to do that -- given that I've been at my job now for 10 years and Sweetie has been a stay-at-home-mom for three years -- but Oldest says the same thing: "Where am I supposed to get someone to help me, then?"

Now, I have an answer to that question: the sample resumes at Resume Bucket ( They've got sample resumes in all kinds of different categories, so you can tailor your resume to the career you hope to have (or improve.)

Using that site, Oldest was able to create a really good, up-to-date resume, and I also was able to show her how to convert her resume to a webpage, to make it findable for employers and to make it easier to spread it around -- plus, she wouldn't have to come use our computer every time to print it. Wherever she is, she can get access to her resume.

Oldest is happy -- she's got some job leads and her ever-present job search might actually work this time. Sweetie's happy, because Oldest isn't constantly bugging her and hanging around the house printing up new resumes. And I'm happy because... well, I'm generally a happy guy.

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