Saturday, July 17, 2010

Independence, a comfy chair, and swamp water (Saturday's Adventures.)

It's been a while since I updated the Saturday adventures; the problem is the pictures take so long to load up. And by "long," I mean "a few minutes." But remember, I'm a guy who thinks that microwave popcorn is impossibly slow to cook.

Now, I have a chance to dig out and get caught up, because it's a slow Saturday morning and Mr F hasn't even come downstairs yet. So here's a recap of what we did back on the weekend of the 4th of July, a day when our adventure was Celebrating Our Independence By Buying Office Chairs, Shopping, and Falling Into A Swamp.

We set out bright and early in the morning with a plan: We were going to go to the Splash Park and play, and then were going to stop off to get an office chair and some t-shirts to send out as birthday presents, and then grocery shop.

I know: that's like the dictionary definition of "adventure." Our plans changed, though, as it felt a little chilly at 9 a.m. to be at the Splash Park, so we went first to the Office Supply store, where Mr F helped me decide on a chair while Mr Bunches sorted through the markers he'd conned me into buying:
From there, it was over to Shopko, where we were picking up Milwaukee Brewers' t-shirts to send out as some birthday presents. That necessitated a stop in the book section, where I picked up what would be Sweetie's Tuesday Present: I got her the softcover of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. She swears she's going to read it, but now I feel bad because it's like instead of a present I gave her homework.

Mr F wanted to buy all the books. He also had tried to sucker me into buying the big toy in the cart -- but didn't notice when I later ditched it in the hair dryer section.

Don't feel bad for him: he got, like, thirty toys. And Mr Bunches got more crayons at Shopko. He's a colorholic.

Then it was on to grocery shopping, with the chair and t-shirts and stuff in the back of our car. We had a list, and top on the list was Sweetie's instruction to Get Some Oh! Henry candy bars.

Which they didn't have. I even took a picture of the aisle to prove that there's nary an Oh! Henry to be seen:

There was a box for the Oh! Henry's, elsewhere in the store. It was empty, except for a Bit O'Honey bar that had been misplaced in it. I didn't even know they still made Bit O'Honey. I used to love the flavor of those -- but not the way they ripped out my teeth when chewing them.

Sweetie also insisted that we get some fruit, despite the very real possibility that there were black widow spiders hiding throughout it. After all, they've been found in grapes , so they're probably in everything. Maybe even that carrot you're holding right now!


The threat of spiders didn't deter Mr F from trying to get an apple -- not to eat, but to throw at fellow shoppers:

Later on, Mr Bunches joined Mr F in the cart... not entirely willingly:

After checking out, our last stop is always to get some scratch-off lottery tickets. We get $5 worth every week, and give them to Sweetie in the hopes that by next week we won't be on a budget any longer. I let Mr Bunches and Mr F push the buttons to get the tickets they want. It's never too early to introduce a love of gambling to a kid:

They always choose the one that has a fishing theme. They like the fish; Sweetie hates those tickets.

After unloading the groceries, we did finally make it to the Splash Park and a picnic lunch, of which I took no pictures because a review of my computer shows that I have roughly one katrillion pictures of the Babies! at the Splash Park. So you'll have to use your imagination, or page to any other section of this blog, to see what that's like.

Then, after their nap, we went for an exercise walk/jog at the pond on the other nature trail near us, the one that circles a pond and swamp. Mr Bunches was okay with it, but Mr F didn't want to be there, and fought against it the whole way. He tried to go the wrong way, wanted me to carry him for a while, and finally settled down when we got to the Boardwalk and he could walk a little bit on the edge of it, treating it like a tightrope as he's doing here:

I took that picture, and immediately after it, Mr F toppled over into the swamp on his left, ending the walk, and the day. Except for the bath he took the instant we got home.

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