Thursday, July 15, 2010

Move in day is coming; do it right.

In just a month, you'll be moving a kid into a college dorm, or maybe a new apartment -- hopefully not into your own basement -- so you have to do it right by getting your moving blankets and other moving supplies from

Moving is tough enough, but do it wrong and you're in for a horrible day. Why try to lug stuff in trash bags and stuffing it into drawers of dressers, the way you did back when YOU moved yourself into a dorm, when you could make it all easy by getting upright boxes with hanger bars -- it's like moving a tiny portable closet!-- and blankets to keep your truck bed from getting scratched (and your TV from getting smashed), and bubble wrap for the valuables, and packing tape to keep boxes closed as you struggle up five flights of stairs at the dorms. They've even got mattress bags, making it easier to carry those things and you won't have to worry about getting them dirty or wet.

Move with the proper supplies, and you'll be done quicker and more easily. Then you can scope out the girls on campus while the other suckers in your dorm keep struggling with their stuff.

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