Saturday, July 17, 2010

Moving blankets: Not blankets that MOVE, as cool as that would be.

Whether you're moving a kid off to college (FINALLY!) or moving yourself to a new place or just, I don't know, taking your stuff out for a drive on a nice Sunday evening, you'll want to get the proper equipment. Like moving blankets and boxes and straps and dollies and boxing tape. That kind of stuff is the different between a smooth, easier move and a day of backbreaking labor. With the right equipment, you'll haul nicely-packed boxes into and out of the truck and not scratch up your nice furniture, saving your back by rolling boxes on a handcart. Without that sutff, it's a day of dropped boxes, wrecked mirrors, sore lower backs, and blisters.

Yeah, there'll be blisters. You know it, too. So get the right things to make your move easy, and get them from -- where you can get 'em cheap and quickly.

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abitosunshine said...

A good day seemed to be had by all, until the fall!

You might enJOY the Uninvited Guest I had as my Saturday adventure..:-)

Blessings & a bit o' sunshine!