Monday, August 09, 2010

I know, if God had wanted us to like our jobs, he'd have made us all stars on daytime soap operas.

Sometimes, the Corporate Entertainment the powers-that-be provide at company parties and getaways really... um... sucks. I mean, really, consider the last corporate party you went to. What did they do? Where'd they go? Was it something you even wanted to attend?

Bosses, listen to me: Your employees don't mind doing company outings and team buildings and things -- and it wouldn't matter if they did, because they're COMPANY things, so the grunts have to go. But can't you at least make it fun? Consider the corporate outings and events that Keith Prowse has: they'll get company tickets to concerts, sporting events, festivals, and more. And if you're not good at thinking up the stuff for your employees to do, then let them help you with it. That site is full of options and entertainment ideas that'll make your company get-together actually FUN.

And you know what that leads to: Employees who actually LIKE working there. Go on, give that a try and see if it doesn't help your business.

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