Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Or we could just build a house out of books entirely. Like that beer commercial, only not lame.

Sweetie has, and I'm not making this up, about 200 books waiting to be read. I'm not even exaggerating. She's a voracious reader and a more voracious book shopper -- when she sees a book she thinks she'll like, she picks it up or orders it, and for authors that she knows she likes, she keeps tabs on their upcoming books and pre-orders those. She haunts bookstores and online sites for books like crazy.

I, while I support reading, also like to support other values, like "not spending tons of money." So in the past, I suggested things like used books and take them out of the library and even can you move this giant stack of books 'cause it's on my side of the bed. Those suggestions did not go over well (although she eventually moved them).

The latest idea I have to let Sweetie continue to buy every single book in the world, while also not having us declare bankruptcy (book-ruptcy!)(Ha!) is to have Sweetie order her books from AbeBooks using the AbeBooks coupon code I got from today.

There's more than one there -- ranging from free shipping to 90% off on textbooks to fiction books for a dollar -- so I can keep getting more and more codes and keep up with Sweetie's book purchases.

Then I'll work on getting a coupon code for a self-storage unit to hold them all.

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