Thursday, August 12, 2010

The only way to improve on the concept would be to make the baskets themselves edible.

When I was in the hospital recently, despite my best efforts, friends and coworkers found out where I was. Luckily for me, they respected my request not to be visited -- I don't want to see my coworkers when I'm wearing a hospital robe, and I don't really think they want to see ME like that, either. I'm no Brooklyn Decker, after all.

Unluckily for me, they mostly sent me flowers as get well wishes. Don't get me wrong; I'm not ungrateful and the flowers looked nice and all, but what I really wish I'd gotten were what I always send to people: gift baskets.

Gift baskets beat flowers six ways to Sunday. Yeah, flowers look nice, but that's about it. Gift baskets look nice, too, all wrapped up and full of neat stuff to eat or look at or wear, but they go beyond LOOKING nice and have all that stuff to eat or look at or wear.

At 1-800-Baskets ( they've got "Get Well" Gift Baskets that can be sent to just about anyone for any malady. They've got creative ones, like that great big "Get Well" Fortune cookie, and traditional ones that include teddy bears, and Parisian Fruit baskets -- which I'd have loved to have gotten, because the Docs put me on an "Eat More Fruit" mandate -- and, of course, cookies and popcorn and more, including things like the "Breakfast in Maine" basket.

All of those can be delivered, just like flowers, but when they get there, they do more than just take up space in the corner of the room. That's why, if you're ever in the hospital, you'll want to let me know -- and if I have to go back there, I'm just dropping this subtle hint to you millions of Internetizens about what you should send me.

Just don't come visit. Because seriously, those robes do NOT stay closed.

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abitosunshine said...

I SO agree with your desire for people to not send flowers ... for any occasion. I like the gift baskets, even a plant, something that outlasts the occasion for the gift.

Blessings & a bit o' sunshine!