Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Great Ranking Of Problems Is Now A Reality.

Today's entry: Having to shovel some snow off the driveway so that I can brush snow off the car without tromping the previously-fallen snow into hard-to-shovel compact snow, only to then have to reshovel the same area because the snow I brushed off falls onto the area I shoveled to get to the car in the first place.

I will rank that at:

173!: Preshoveling & reshoveling snow.

Prior entries:

721: Printer not holding a lot of paper at once.

15,451: Almost napping.
14,452: Worrying that there's too much peanut brittle leftover to eat before it goes bad.

22,372: Having hair which isn't quite a definable color.
22,373: Having too many songs on an iPod


Lisa said...

"Having hair which isn't quite a definable color."

That made me laugh out loud.

Briane P said...

That's the one which Sweetie questioned when I told it to her. She said that wasn't a problem at all, then said "what color would that be?" and then later had to acknowledge that it would, in fact, be a problem.