Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Question of the Day: 32

How long could YOU leave a cup sitting in your garage before you decide that it's no longer fit for its original purpose (i.e., drinking out of?)

There's a coffee cup in my garage that I must have taken out of the car and then set down on a shelf in the garage, for some reason. Then I just ... never picked it up and brought it in. So now, it's been there maybe two years and I saw it the other day when I was thinking, briefly, about whether I should pack away the now-deflated Giant Rudolph and other decorations. When I noticed it, I thought: I should bring that in and put it in the dishwasher. Then I thought: no, that's gross. Then I was going to throw it away, but that seemed wasteful.

So I left it there.

Do Pizza Samples Really Exist?

At long last, the first TBOE book is ready to go.

Do Pizza Samples Really Exist?

collects up The Best essays you've loved on this site -- essays you can't get here anymore -- into one handsome volume, suitable for buying, reading, buying for someone else to read, buying for someone else to give to someone to read, buying because you bought one and then lent it to someone who was too cheap to buy her own and didn't give you yours back and you really want to have a copy in your library...

Click HERE to buy a copy for a price as low as $2.00. Two bucks! That's practically free!

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