Thursday, January 15, 2009

Question of the Day, 33:

I asked this of Editorial Ass, but haven't seen an answer yet, so I will throw this question out to the Universe and hope that the Universe answers and that the answer makes sense:

Why must I include an SASE when submitting a query letter or work for publication?

I just this morning finished putting an SASE into a short story I'm sending to a literary journal, and, as I do each time I put my self-addressed envelope in, I think to myself: Why must I do this? If they don't want the story, then I don't need to get a form rejection letter back on my 42 cents. If they DO want the story, shouldn't they be willing to not only write me a letter saying that, but also to pay for the stamp?

I mean, if I send in a novel to a publisher and they read it and they think This is the most brilliant novel ever written! It's like Solzhenitsyn and Twain got together to write up an idea from a Faulkner outline... if they read it and think that, will they then say "Oh, but there's no SASE. Ah, well, toss it out and let's get back to publishing collections of fan fiction."

Also: Yes, I did have to look up how to spell "Solzhenitsyn."

Five Pages is coming soon. Check back often to find out what that means!

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