Thursday, June 11, 2009

Plus, "Escalate" isn't really the right word in the first place. (First Thoughts)

The other day, Mr F and I were watching Jeopardy! while playing "Circles" -- that's his game where he runs circles around something. In this case, he was running circles around Frankencouch, and I joined him while we watched Jeopardy!.

As the two of us ran circles around Frankencouch, Alex Trebek introduced a category called "Uppers and Downers" and one of the questions was something like "Shoppers encounter this to move from one level of a mall to another." The answer was escalator, but that got me thinking, and what I thought (as we ran in circles, furiously) is this:

Isn't it only an escalator when you use it to go up?

Coming down, it should really be a de-escalator.

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