Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Quote of the Day, 28:

"I could see you as a Leo."
-- Sweetie, to me.

We were giving the Babies! a bath last night and talking about people's names and nicknames, and when I mentioned that I couldn't see one of the partners at my office with a different name, Sweetie said "That's because you only know him by his name." Her contention was that people don't seem to fit other names because I already know them by the name they have -- so in my mind it doesn't feel right to say that a "Tim" would be a good "Roger" because I already know "Tim" as "Tim."

I said that was wrong, and that I could see other people having other names. I told Sweetie she would have made a good "Jennifer" or "Stephanie," for one thing. Then I asked her what names she thought might fit me, and she said the Quote of the Day.

To which I responded: "Like Leonardo... like DiCaprio?"

She immediately said: "No, not him." (A little too quickly, for my taste) and then said "Just Leo."

"Like Uncle Leo?" I asked. She said, no, not him either.

Then she said I'd be a good John or Tom, and I kind of liked Tom and said I could see myself being a Tom. But by then, I'd kind of warmed up to the name Leo, and I ultimately went to bed wishing my mom had named me Leo.

But, just to be clear: I wanted Leo like Leonardo. You know, the good Leo.

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