Thursday, June 11, 2009

I blame the schools for this. And maybe the Rotary Club. (Commutation 13)

Today, just before I got to the parking garage, I got behind a car that had this bumper sticker:

Evolution is a theory.
Kind of like gravity.

That's a dumb bumper sticker. I believe in evolution; I'm not some flat-earther who's offended by the idea that there were fish that became humans. But that bumper sticker shows why "scientists" have made a huge error in deciding to just make things up: people no longer understand science.

In real science -- sans quotation marks, a theory is something that has not yet been proven. It's a hypothesis-- an idea you have that you hope to prove through experimentation.

Evolution is a theory because it hasn't been proven. While Darwin's finches are a compelling case for evolution, they are a compelling circumstantial case -- meaning more than one inference is available from the facts.

That's what "circumstantial" evidence is -- you can draw more than one conclusion from it. If you hear a gun shot and run into the room and I'm standing there, and there's a body on the floor and a gun laying nearby, the circumstances could lead you to conclude that I shot that guy and then dropped the gun. But they could also allow you to conclude that I, like you, heard the shot and ran in, and that guy had shot himself. Or some third party shot him.

See? Not conclusive.

So evolution is a theory because it hasn't been proven.

Gravity is not a theory. Gravity has been proven, over and over, because we don't drift off into space. (As Dirk Gently said, They even leave it on on the weekends.)

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