Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I don't know why I never bothered to ask where the supplies are. (3 Good Things From 9/28/09)

It's occurred to me that many of my 3 Good Things involve the Babies!, and more involve my family, which could give you a skewed vision of what my life is like. Yes, it's true that 97% of my day is blogging and 2% is playing with the Babies!, but I'm going to focus, for the next few days at least, on Good Things that have nothing to do with family, to show you that good things happen all over the place...

1. After at least three months of looking, I found out where we keep our office supplies, and was able entirely on my own to not only restock my stash of file folders (with green ones!) but also to replace the toner on my printer.

2. How I Met Your Mother mentioned Moustache Marshall as one of the group's dopplegangers; I appreciated both the concept and the use of the word doppleganger, which is underutilized in everyday conversation.

3. In my Entertainment Weekly I saw that Nick Hornby released a new book; Nick Hornby is one of the few authors whose books I would rush out to buy, and I've been anxiously awaiting another one from him.

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