Thursday, October 01, 2009

Everyone's funnier as a basset hound (3 Good Things From 9/30/09)

I'm not entirely over my anger about the Senate yet, but I've tried to move on, and focusing on my 3 Good Things from yesterday -- and continuing to try to choose non-family-related things -- helps. Which is the point, right?

1. I'm an awesome runner, and I proved it again last night by upping my treadmill run to 25 minutes, from my previous world record of 20 minutes. And I did the 25 minutes in under-10-minute miles, without music, as my iPod's battery wore out. If you think running 10-minute miles for 25 minutes while watching a Kelsey Grammar show is easy, you've got another think coming.

Also, I think you'll find that everything you do is so much cooler if you refer to it as a world-record, which it is -- if you are selective about how you describe the world record, or about who gets to compete for that record.

2. My Brett Favre Vikings Jersey arrived. Technically, this happened on Tuesday, but I didn't do a 3 Good Things yesterday, and also, I saw the jersey again last night, hanging in my closet, waiting to be broken out to wear while watching next Monday's Vikings-Packers game. But, to be perfectly accurate, this should be "my Brett Favre Vikings jersey which arrived on Tuesday continued to exist on Wednesday."

3. I liked Conan O'Brien's "Dr Phil as Basset Hound" impression on The Tonight Show.

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