Saturday, October 03, 2009

Since I kind of owe him a favor, you'd think I wouldn't emphasize how UN-Hunky he is. But that's how I am. (Sweetie's Hunk of the Week, 34)

Sweetie's 34th Hunk of The Week is, by Sweetie's own admission, completely unqualified for the post. He is: Louis C.K.

You Don't Know Him Without
You have watched the last few episodes of Parks & Recreation, where Louis appeared as a cop who likes Amy Poehler's Leslie Knope. When I swa him on there, I recognized him in the first episode he was on) as "A guy I thought I'd seen before," and in the second episode as "that guy from last week's episode." Sweetie, though, knows who showbiz people are and instantly realized this was "Louis C.K."

That still didn't ring a bell with me. But Louis' performance was enough to get Sweetie to watch the remainder of the latest episode and announce that he was the reason she liked the show now, which is a pretty big deal around our house. Around our house, "getting other people to like your shows" confers bragging rights over the other people; it elevates the show-chooser to a position of some authority, giving that person the opportunity to lord it over others for a while, until something else comes along to distract us. And "lording it over others" is what family is all about.

Getting other people to like your show also confers on you the right to watch your show, and that's important in our house, too, especially because Sweetie likes all the Law and Order shows, which are always on, and which should really be renamed Law & Boredom. So if you can get Sweetie to like your show, then, when it's time to watch it, you can say "But you like [fill in name of show]" and she can't really argue with you, and then there's a (slim) chance you may avoid watching the 300,000,000th consecutive episode of Law & Order: Bald Guys Frowning At Perps.

As an aside, The Boy has twisted this concept even further. He refuses to watch anything that Sweetie or I say we like, for fear that he'll have to watch it again. So he walked out of Hamlet II when I laughed, and he left the theater during The Watchmen, and he won't even try to watch Better Off Ted. At the same time, The Boy feels personally vindicated when a movie or show he likes does well. Like the time The Dark Knight set some kind of sales record, and The Boy read it in the paper and turned to me and said "I guess that shows you!"

Anyway, Louis C.K. has turned out to be my secret weapon in continuing to get to watch Parks & Recreation, and I'm starting a letter writing campaign to get him featured, also, on The Office, Better Off Ted, Glee, Important Things With Demetri Martin, and Monday Night Football.

Thing That Makes You Go Hmmmmmm About Him: On his IMDB page, Louis C.K. has a section marked Thanks, under which it's noted that he got special thanks for one episode of Late Night With Conan O'Brien, and for The White Stripes. But more importantly (?) he played, on Late Night, this amazing role: "Nicknames For Conan Guy."

Louis C.K. is also a comedian, it turns out, who is pretty funny:

Reason I Tell Myself Sweetie Likes Him: It's obvious, isn't it? Sweetie actually liked my show, but she didn't want to tell me that, because of bragging rights, so she had to pretend that Louis C.K. is a "hunk" and that's what she likes. But I know it's a lie, because of what Sweetie said when I asked her why she chose him, and she said:

Actual Reason Sweetie Likes Him: "He's so sweet. I mean, I don't know him but he's sweet on the show. I mean, I know he's not hunky at all, but he's very sweet."

Point I'd Like To Make About Sweetie's Actual Reason For Liking Him: See? He's completely unqualified to be a hunk -- he's the first hunk chosen about who Sweetie said "I know he's not hunky at all," which means that he got in there for some other reason, and that reason is:

I win, Sweetie! You LIKE MY SHOW! And also, I know what you ladies really look for from these Hunks of the Week, and Louis C.K. does not disappoint:

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