Sunday, September 27, 2009

The picture is from the hill, but in the late winter. You get the idea, though. (3 Good Things From 9/25, 9/26, and 9/27)

I lost my fantasy football game, my Bills lost their game, I lost the football pool, and I got charged $6.75 for about 8 fried cheese curds...but I'm still happy because of my 3 Good Things from the weekend:

1. Friday I got off work early and got home at four, on a weekend when I was not going into work Sunday, for an extra-long break.

2. Saturday Sweetie and I took the Babies! to get new shoes, a trip made necessary because Mr F lost a shoe somewhere in our house and we can't find it, but made fun by the way Mr F enjoyed his new shoes, and

3. Sunday Mr F and Mr Bunches and I hiked all the way to the top of the tallest hill on the nature trail. We hadn't been planning on doing that, but Mr Bunches struck out into the field and headed up the hill, so Mr F and I followed him, and made it to the top, where we also saw a pheasant.

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