Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I hope the makers of "Fantastic Voyage" are not in a litigious mood when they read this post.

All last night, I thought I had a loose filling in my tooth, and it was really worrying me. Everytime I tried to chew something, or talk, or growl and bare my teeth at Mr Bunches as we played Raaar Monster, I'd feel a little twinge back in my mouth and think Oh, man, if that filling falls out, I'm dead.

I'd be dead because I don't have dental insurance of any kind. I've thought about it from time to time, and I even got a brochure for a company, but I've never bought it because who thinks about the dentist? Nobody -- I brush my teeth, I floss once a year, I try to avoid getting punched by heavyweight boxers, but I don't go to the dentist or think about the dentist.

Until I think a filling may fall out, and then I wonder just how much it's going to cost if I have to run to the dentist the next morning and pay full price.

Living in Wisconsin, I've got little I can do other than call insurers and ask if they provide dental insurance, spending hours at it, which is another reason I never get it. I've got a life to live, here! I've got music to listen to, blogs to blog, Babies! to growl at... I can't spend 10 hours a day calling insurers and comparing plans.

But if I lived in the UK, I could use Dental Buddy (Dentalbuddy.co.uk) to find a dental insurer, quickly and easily, with an easy-to-read comparison chart that tells how much each plan costs and what it covers. No more reading through policies and talking on the phone; just click and compare and get insurance.

Which is what I'd like to do, because it turns out the loose filling was a false alarm -- it was actually a tiny spaceship that had been shrunken down to try to go inside my body but had gotten lost and ended up lodged in a molar, something that happens to me more often than you might imagine -- but that didn't help me last night, when I was still worried about the insurance.

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