Monday, January 11, 2010

Honestly, it's VERY cold, and I've had a space heater going all morning, but it's not helping. (3 Good Things From 1/10/10).

It's really cold in my office, blogger is acting up, and my prediction for the Super Bowl has already gotten knocked out of whack but my 3 Good Things keep my spirits up. Too bad they can't also warm my hands.

1. I was right before I was wrong, and that means someone owes me a sandwich. Almost four weeks ago, remember, I got on a radio call-in show and said that the Packers wouldn't win a Super Bowl because they're offense wasn't good enough and their defense doesn't play a complete game. That radio show host (this guy) laughed at me and said "The Packers defense is ranked number one!" and denied me the sandwich.

Then, yesterday, I got to watch in satisfaction as the Packers' offense committed three turnovers, leading to about 20 Cardinal points, and the Packers' defense completely failed to ever stop the Cardinals.

I like turkey subs, Mike Heller.

2. PresentPallooza went very well with Mr F and Mr Bunches. My dad finally made it up for Alternate Christmas/My birthday party yesterday, and he brought with him about 1 zillion presents for Mr F and Mr Bunches: trucks, puzzles, videos, something that made music, and probably, for all I know, a pony. Mr F and Mr Bunches got so into opening presents that when they'd finished with theirs, they opened Sweetie's, too, and then started, for a while, opening anything they could until they settled into an afternoon of driving the trucks and then tipping over their dresser to make a slide out of it and a mattress.

3. Barbecue Pork chop sandwiches for dinner & leftovers. Sweetie makes phenomenal pork chops; we had them as sandwiches yesterday, and there was far more pork than even our family could eat, even during a Packer game, even with The Boy around, so I got one today for lunch, too... and now I've got a keyboard that feels and smells a lot like barbecue sauce.

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