Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm pretty sure the trampoline and Snickers bar offset each other. (3 Good Things From 1/12/10)

I don't have my big wall calendar, and it's messing me up. I never know what the date is anymore. And, it turns out my computer clock was slow by acouple of minutes. And, it turns out, I had that pointed out to me by a judge who thought I was late for a phone conference when in my world, I was early...come on, 3 Good Things from yesterday, cheer me up today:

. Mr Bunches and Mr F fell asleep almost immediately when they got into the car to go work out with me. After dinner last night, I was going to take Mr Bunches and Mr F to the health club, where they play in the playroom while I work out. But before we got there -- a mile away -- both of them had fallen sound asleep in the car. That was a good thing because it gave me the excuse to not go running at the club. Instead, I decided to run a few errands and took the long way to Wal-Mart to pick up Sweetie's Tuesday present (The Glee Soundtrack, Vol. 1), letting the Babies! have a little nap before we went into the store.

This is the song that Sweetie said she liked enough that she would want the soundtrack:

I didn't skip working out -- I just skipped running, and instead did 20 minutes on the trampoline after the Babies! went to bed.

2. Our laptop can be fixed, and it won't be that expensive. The computer store said that the laptop fan and video card are the problem, and they can replace those for $350. Since the replacement I was going to buy was nearly $800, I saved over $400 just by driving a couple of miles to drop off the laptop.

I remember a few years back, my father-in-law brought his TV down to Madison to get it repaired. "Who," I wondered then, "Repairs electronics, since they're so cheap to replace." Turns out he had the right idea. I wonder what else might be accomplished if I listened to people older and more experienced than me?

This is a song I liked from Glee but I hated when it first came out. Nostalgia/swing choirs can do wonders for a song:

3. There were Snickers bars waiting for me when I got home. Sweetie did the grocery shopping yesterday, and when I got home I was hungry and didn't want to wait for the pizza for dinner. I opened the snack cupboard, which is usually filled with piles of cookie packages for the Babies!, and saw Snickers bars, full-size, just waiting for me. I was 2/3 of the way through it before I even thought to rationalize it as having my dessert in advance.

Here's Lean On Me, by the Glee people:


Claudius wanted to be the first man to reach the stars. But it was murder to get there...

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