Thursday, January 14, 2010

My life increasingly revolves around cheeseburgers. It's a welcome change of pace from leftover pizza. (3 Good Things From 1/13/10)

I don't really need 3 Good Things today, because I'm wearing an argyle sweater vest, which is, according to top scientists, the single best way to be cheery. But I've got them anyway:

1. Breakfast for dinner, cheeseburgers for dessert! Sweetie wanted to go get a hot fudge sundae last night for dessert after dinner. I agreed because going for a hot fudge sundae typically means heading to McDonald's. We had breakfast-for-dinner: toast, waffles, and bacon -- and a trip to McDonald's meant that for dessert I could get myself some McDonald's Cheeseburgers. Any night that involves that type of universe-continuum-bending deliciousness makes the list of good things automatically.

2. Snog The Frog broke through Mr. F's resistance to reading. I picked up the book Snog The Frog from the library's books-for-sale last weekend, and as part of Learning Time last night, I read it to Mr F, who's lately been anti-book. But Mr F sat quietly and attentively through the whole story of a frog who wants to feel like a prince, so he tries to get various animals and a princess to kiss him. (SPOILER ALERT: He's not a prince!)

3. More Sonic is on the way! I realize that the sheer number of 3 Good Things which relate to food is indicative of why I'm shaped the way I am (vaguely oblong, like a pear with well-defined calves), but I can't help it, especially when I got from a coworker a Sonic gift card for my birthday, which means that this weekend, I'll get more Sonic to go with more football. Although I'll probably have to share with Sweetie, and maybe the older kids, even though they're not half as fanatically crazy about Sonic as I am. Sigh.

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