Wednesday, April 21, 2010

If you hand Mr Bunches a loaded gun, you've got to expect something to happen, I guess. (3 Good Things From 4/20/10)

Starting tomorrow, this blog will likely be written by a $252-millionaire. I've got 5 tickets for tonight's Powerball drawing, and since I specified to the clerk that I wanted the winning tickets, it's pretty much a lock. Until I get rich, here's my 3 Good Things from yesterday.

1. The tree in our yard that I thought might be dying may actually be a flowering tree of some sort. Back when we first moved in, there was a small, about 4' tall tree, growing right next to the back wall of our house. My dad advised moving it so that its roots didn't dig into our basement, so we did that, about seven years ago. Since then, it's sort of hung in there, growing a couple of leaves here and there before giving up for the summer.

Yesterday, playing in the yard with the Babies!, I stopped to look at it, because it looks bare and I thought I might have to get rid of it. But upon closer inspection, the tree has tiny little leaves and tiny little purplish buds growing all over it, so this might be the year the tree finally comes into its own.

2. Graham crackers with honey-nut cream cheese spread. That was my dessert for dinner. I offered some to Mr Bunches, who didn't like the looks of it and gave it back to me. I then took a bite, and he made me open my mouth to prove that I'd eaten some of it.

3. Look it's mean to say, kind of, but it was funny and I had nothing to do with it so I'm going to put it on here anyway: Mr Bunches shot Sweetie with a toy gun. I was picking up the Babies!' toys before they went to bed, and I found the gun they have that shoots little propeller-like spinners at people. I loaded it up and was going to shoot it at The Boy but Mr Bunches wanted to play with it. So I gave it to him and he was looking at it, and said "Ready... set... go!" and then fired it, off to his right in a kind of random direction -- just as Sweetie tried to walk by him. The propeller-thing hit her in the cheek, and she got all upset... at me... for a second, ignoring my very-valid point that I'd had nothing to do with it at all.

She was okay, by the way, but I'm still feeling unjustly accused.

121 down, 10,829 to go:
Yep, I added a bunch more songs since getting my hard drive back, including today's song, This Too Shall Pass, by OK Go!, a song I first heard because I kept hearing about the video and how great it was. So I watched the video, and it was great, and the song was pretty good, too. The specific part of the song that got me is the piano part (played on bottles and glasses in the video), a part I liked so much I wanted to get the whole song, so I got the whole CD. Here's the video, so that the cycle can start over again with you:

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