Sunday, April 18, 2010

I've got a sinking feeling... and that's a good thing? Read on!

The Boy is heading off to college next fall, and Middle has gotten her own apartment for the fall, too, so it seems that we'll be down to just four people in our formerly-overcrowded old house.

That means Sweetie and I may follow through on our oft-stated idea of selling this house and moving into something newer and more modern. Which in turn means that we've got to do something to jazz this place up a little, and I'm thinking I'd start with the kitchen sink.

We replaced the old faucet not that long ago, when it broke, but the one that I put in is a mostly-functional, barely decorative kind of thing that's very appropriate for a house where The Boy lives; he's a giant hulking teenage rugby player. But it's not all that appropriate for a house we're trying to sell (or thinking about selling.) And I'm of the opinion that little touches, like better kitchen sinks, can really help a person like a house. Most houses are about the same anyway -- they've got some rooms and some walls and some floors, so it's in the little features that a house jumps out at you.

That's why I'll probably stop off at the MR Direct website to pick up one of their "Mr Direct" stainless steel kitchen sinks -- they've got inexpensive-but-stylish kitchen sinks (and more) that will help spruce up the kitchen by being more modern, less worn-out-looking, and less "banged on by Mr F's and Mr Bunches' toys all these years."

The MR Direct store is BBB-accredited and has same day shipping and lower prices, so I can save on the sink and make our house a little nicer, even if we don't sell it -- all without having to tramp around big box stores.

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