Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm showing a page from "White Noise" but secretly Muhammad is hiding behind that book. (3 Good Things From 4/21/10)

If I don't get to these by the afternoon, I shouldn't even post them. But I still do. Here's my 3 Good Things I'm focusing on today:

1. Lost-ercising: Last night, I put my new exercise program into action. Previously, I would get up in the morning and do either 30 sit-ups, or some light arm -weights, or jump and jog on the exercise trampoline Mr F uses for 20 minutes. Then, twice a week I'd go swimming or running.

I cut out the sit-ups after my pants got tight; I prefer to blame sit-ups rather than delicious cheeseburger Doritos. Then I decided that I could do the trampoline at night, and combine it with the weightlifting, because I like to use the mornings for writing/eating toast with Mr Bunches. So I decided to work out every other day -- all odd-numbered days, rotating between swimming, running, and trampolining. And, to make things even better, I decided that on trampolining nights, I'd do that while watching an episode of Lost.

Last night was the first Lost-ercising, when I worked out with weights and trampoline and watched Episode 1 of Season 4. Man, that show keeps on getting better and better and better, and I'm relieved that [SPOILER ALERT! FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE TRAVELED BACK IN TIME TO 2007 BUT ARE SOMEHOW READING THIS] Charlie made an appearance, even if it was in (maybe) ghost form?

2. The "White Noise" pop-up book. I love Pop-up books; every book should have at least a few pop-ups in it (although I'm not sure how that'll work on a Kindle.) My newest favorite in the Pop-Up book category is the White Noise pop-up, a book full of abstract artsy pop-ups that Mr Bunches and I read at the library last night.

We'd gone to the library at 5 because Mr Bunches wanted to go for a ride, so I opted to take him and Mr F to the library, where we read some books (including White Noise) and encouraged Mr F to use his library voice. He never did get the hang of that, so we left a little earlier than we'd planned.

3. The revelation of who Eric Cartman's dad was on the South Park episode last night. Amidst the threats to kill the creators of South Park, the hilarity and genius of the two-part episode that finished up last night is going to be lost, which is a shame, because the creators managed to make a great storyline and avoid the lazy "Let's parody something" that too many cartoon shows fall into - -and the best of all was the final revelation of who, exactly, was Eric Cartman's dad.

Sweetie, I should note, saw it coming: a few minutes before they revealed who the Head Ginger was and who Eric's dad was, Sweetie predicted it.

122 down, 10,828 to go
: I listened to this song while cleaning up the kitchen last night after Mr F, Mr Bunches, and I came in from playing in the backyard. It's a pleasant song to mop the kitchen to: Mend My Heart by Alli Millstein.

(The video is the one I made to help feature Alli as The November And December MiniBests On The Best Of Everything.)

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