Monday, April 19, 2010

Sure,they've made a billion dollars, but did they cook a GIANT BURGER? I think not. (3 good things from the past weekend.)

I'm typing this on my tiny Netbook as I wait for the seminar I'm at to move on from solving technical issues. You'd think a seminar about using computers in a law practice would have computers that work and people that know how to use them... but you'd think wrong. Here's 3 Good Things from the weekend that I'm focusing on to avoid the boredom...

1. Giant Burger Is Back! Pictured to the right: Giand Burger! Shown sitting on our dinner table last night (with Sweetie's hand in there for comparison's sake), "Giant Burger" is a dinner I make from time to time, having come up with the concept after seeing a news story about... yep, a giant burger. I thought to myself, I bet I could make one of those, and so I did, experimenting with how to cook a giant slab of ground beef (harder than it looks.)

Giant Burger is a whole loaf of Hawaiian Sweet Bread, three pounds of ground beef, half a head of lettuce, four slices of marble cheddar cheese, 1000 Island dressing, and butter on the bottom bun. (Onions, tomatoes, and pickles on the side.) It's a meal for the whole family, but it's more than that: It was also the inspiration for the restaurant I hope to open someday: GIANT!, I call it, a diner-style restaurant whose gimmick is that everything is available in either regular size, or GIANT size -- everything, even, say, French Fries. I like to picture a family of four sitting down to a table with a giant burger, about four giant french fries, and a giant soda.

You know you'd go eat there.

2. The Boy scored a try, or something, in his rugby game. Friday night, we went to see The Boy play in his latest rugby game, a sport he's taken up recently. I assume he took it up because he likes to collect bruises and swollen ankles, as that's the primary result I'd seen before Friday.

The game itself was incomprehensible, in part because I was in charge of monitoring Mr F and Mr Bunches, who were more interested in roaming around and playing on the slide than they were in watching what appeared to be 35 large boys wrestling each other, occasionally in the presence of a big football. But it was also in part incomprehensible because rugby is incomprehensible. The Boy scored what I would call a touchdown, because I'm a good American, but what in rugby is called a try. And unlike touchdowns, trys are only worth 5, not 6, points. I assume it's because of the metric system.

The Boy's team lost, I was told, and the final score was, so far as I could make out, something to something.

3. I finished Season 3 of Lost! It's amazing what I can do when I set my mind to it. With a yard that needed raking and landscaping, and tons of work at the office, and Babies! who still aren't really potty-trained, and a messy car, I was able to focus this weekend and get through the final two episodes of Season 3 of Lost, paving the way for Season 4, which I expect to finish around October, 2022. (By then, Lost will be beamed directly into my skull by the Government's Office of Televisionry).

Sadly -- [SPOILER ALERT! FOR THE MAYBE-ONE-PERSON WHO IS FURTHER BEHIND THAN ME IN WATCHING LOST] these were the episodes where Charlie died. Charlie was one of my favorite characters on the show. I will never forgive you, Mikhail -- and also, Jeez, Charlie and Desmond, don't you think to check if a guy's really dead?

BONUS Thing That May Or May Not Be Good: Remember how I couldn't find my keys last week, and had to get a locksmith out to my house and tip him? Last night, I got home from swimming laps at the health club, and went to set up my coffeepot so it would be ready to brew coffee this morning. When I opened up the reservoir in the coffeemaker where the water gets poured in, I saw sitting in there my car keys... which must have been sitting there since last Wednesday night, when Mr Bunches must have thrown them in there while playing during clean-up.

(Mr Bunches likes to splash things into water, a hobby that usually is not all that harmful unless you don't want a Hot Wheel in your coffee.)

So I'm not only out $145, but for the last five days I've been drinking my keys and probably have some sort of weird metal poisoning now.

119 Down, 10,626 to Go: I found the band Locksley by listening to the Slow Club station on Pandora, and liked their song Don't Make Me Wait. So I got the CD, and listened to it yesterday, which is when I realized that their song She Does was the song for a commercial for CNN/HLN:

So I then went and read up on them and learned that Locksley, whose members are from Madison, Wisconsin, has already been on TV a few times, has two songs licensed to TV, has another song licensed for a trailer, and overall have probably had far more success than any band who self-released their first album could have expected.

Plus, their music is cool.

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