Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I was on the dance floor, acting strange... (3 Good Things From 5/19/10)

Thursday already? It would seem so. Here's my 3 Good Things from yesterday, plus Mr F's celebration of Thursdays:

1. A cancellation today cleared up time: I work in a weird profession where at times it seems that all the things I am doing are keeping me from all the things I need to be doing, and this is one of those weeks: I've spent a lot of times in meetings and depositions and not a lot of time doing the things that all those meetings and depositions are supposed to be about. Late yesterday, I got a break: a deposition scheduled for today cancelled, so I might have an actual day to do all the actual work that I've actually not been doing much of so far.

2. The Boy's graduation present has completely arrived. I hate ordering presents on the Internet, ever since the time we tried to order Middle a pair of pants for her birthday -- a pretty expensive pair-- and then it didn't look as though they were going to arrive in time, so we got her other presents, and she ended up getting the pants AND other presents, upping the ante for all future birthdays; things were even worse then when we tried to order the Babies! an inflatable "jump castle" and it didn't get here in time for their birthday party.

But for some things, like the laptop The Boy is getting for graduation, we have to order them over the Internet, so I'm at the mercy of the companies that have terrible ordering systems and checkouts, and delivery problems, and the mailman who we secretly suspect steals our magazines over the weekend and delivers them after reading them -- if you're a mailman, why wouldn't you do that? Free magazines, and who could tell? (Except Sweetie and me. We're clever.)

My worries this time were for naught -- the laptop and backpack and printer are all here and all ready to go.

3. Dancing the cha cha to "Disco Duck" with Sweetie for the minute or two that Mr Bunches allowed us to dance. While cleaning up, "Disco Duck" came on, which gave me a chance to dust off the old cha cha skills I still (barely) had from the time that Sweetie and I took dance lessons, and I got her to dance with me for almost a minute before Mr Bunches -- who doesn't like anyone but him getting attention -- split us up. But the dance showed that dancing & romance wise, I still got it.

132 Down, 10,871 to go:
And here it is, Disco Duck by Rick Dees And His Cast Of Idiots:

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