Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Life is better with a moat. (3 Good Things From 5/18/10)

For just a moment there, I was confused about whether this was Wednesday or Thursday -- and then decided it was probably Tuesday. I'll go drink some coffee and sort it out while you take in my 3 Good Things, this time all from my walk with the Babies! last night:

1. The OTHER, Other House I want To Live In. We walked by a house in our neighborhood -- shown at right -- that has long been on my list of dream houses -- it usually ranks 2 or 3, behind the house I'm stalking and this one house in a neighborhood nearby that I really really like.

The OTHER Other house I want to live in used to be blue and box-ish, but now has been modernized by the new owners (a/k/a the people who beat me to it) and is all cool and semi-futuristic and has huge windows and a deck...

... and a moat. I took a special picture of that. And before you get all skeptical (Sweetie!), ask yourself this and answer honestly: Wouldn't my life be better if I had a moat?

Of course it would.

2. Mailbox decorations.

Our mailbox is simply that: a black mailbox on a wooden post we bought at Menard's when we had to replace the old mailbox post -- leading to the question "Where do you buy a new mailbox post?"

But some people in our neighborhood jazz up even their mailboxes. There's one behind our house with a little wire sculpture of a bike on it. There's one down the street with a boat. And there's the one shown to the right, with what appears to be a stylized eagle, or a fancy coffepot. Or both. It might be a mystical stylized eagle spiritual coffeepot. Why not put that on your mailbox?

3. The problem of the Cherry Bomb has been solved. At the little park we walked to, there's a sandbox, a slide, some swings, and the new style of Teeter Totter. No longer is that toy just a board-on-a-pole -- a board on a pole that your friend is going to lure you onto and then wait until you're up in the air and leap off, resulting in you crashing to the ground and hurting your butt.

The modern, 21st Century Teeter-Totter comes complete with seats for up to four people, and is spring-balanced so that Mr F and I could sit on one side, and Mr Bunches could sit on the other, and we could still teeter. And totter, for that matter.

131 Down, 10,872 to go: Today's song happens to be the one I listened to this morning while updating Lesbian Zombies Are Taking Over The World! -- so listen to the song, and imagine yourself in my shoes: 6:30 a.m., and before you go wake up Mr F and Mr Bunches to get them dressed, before you eat your waffles and french toast sticks Sweetie made you, before you put on that tie and report to work... you're listening to dance music and writing about aliens bombing Tampa prior to Armageddon...

Plus the video's pretty cool.

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