Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Saturday Adventures Table Of Contents.

Every Saturday, I go on an adventure with the Babies! Some adventures are better than others, but I do the same thing each week: On Friday night, I put the Babies! to bed and tell them that the next day we'll go on our adventure, and the next day, we do just that.

And because I can't do anything without telling you, my loyal reader(s?) about it, I'm going to start posting the pictures from those adventures weekly in a series of posts I've cleverly decided to call "Saturday Adventures."

Doing Some Stuff, Beginning With The Library.

A Day At The Farm.

An inadvertent trip to an art museum.

Walking Around Milwaukee (For A Good Cause.)

Moving Oldest, and The Zoo Playground (A Double Adventure!)

The Arachnobot Playground Of The Future

Independence, comfy chairs, and swamp water.

Apocalyptic Ostriches.

Cheese puffs by the X.

Beef sprouts and bristly cows.

In retrospect, Saturday's activities would have made for a better post.

Never leave home without your emergency cheese puffs.

Don't mess with the Babies!

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