Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We should at least get to pick the dinner: 74 down, 9,281 to go

The newest trend in in-laws' visits? Inviting people and making them pay for the dinner you serve them.

My dad first did this about two years ago on my birthday, when we drove to visit him (on my birthday) and he picked the dinner (on my birthday) and we paid for the dinner. On my birthday.

Now, today, we were invited to Sweetie's parents to dinner to make up for being weathered out of Christmas Eve last week. We accepted. Yesterday, Sweetie confirmed the times and said we'd be leaving right after dinner. Her mom assured her that dinner would be ready just as soon as we got there, then asked that Sweetie and I bring dinner with us by picking up some pizzas.

And crackers. She wanted us to bring crackers, too.

Song 74: "Valley of Tears," by Robert Plant and the Soweto Gospel Choir.

Down... to go: I don't have to go to the Valley of Tears to be understood. I just have to post my thoughts here with all the songs on my iPod. Song 73 here.

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