Saturday, January 03, 2009

I'll only ask for 98% of the profits.

Sometimes I'm just amazed at the good ideas out there -- good ideas that make me think wow, that's really clever and also wow, I've got no marketable skills whatsover.

Good ideas like "walkin tubs," which definitely beats my in the cupboard refrigerator for convenience and utility.

The "Walkin tub" from a place called "Remain Active" looks like any old bathtub, but it's got a water-tight door in the side, so that instead of having to climb in over the side of the tub, tricky for the young or the old or the handicapped, the bather can simply open the door, and...

...walk in.

Clever, right? Yes, it is. And they say it can be installed by any plumber and that the door is absolutely watertight and that it comes with a 10-year warranty. Plus, it can be ordered over the phone and online, which makes sense, I guess-- if you're in the market for a tub that's easy to get into, you also probably are not the kind of person that wants to get in the ol' F-150 and drive over to Home Depot and load that tub up yourself. All of which just helps emphasize the brilliance of this invention.

You can see it for yourself by following that link. I'm going to click over there again and see if they're interested in buying my "in the cupboard dishwasher" idea.

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